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We cast Veronica as the lead in a large scale PSA for a multi-million dollar VA campaign and were beyond pleased with everything she brought to the table. Her performance was right on (every take) and she was a complete delight on set - even in the middle of the desert. Veronica is a military vet, a talented actor, and someone I'd cast again in a heartbeat."

Kyle Hausmann-Stokes                          Founder | Director | Producer Blue Three Productions, LLC


"I’ve worked with Veronica on several projects over the years and I think two things about her really stand out. The first is her unfaltering work ethic, she's tireless in her drive to play a role to expectation and beyond. Doing the extra work needed to get the scene and without complaint. The second is her ability to learn and adapt. A lot of actors build up a performance or a character in their head to the point where, regardless the note, they can’t deviate from their plans. But Veronica rolls well with change and it allows her performance to stay fresh."

Sean Williams                                     Crackhorse Productions


"I amire greatly Veronica's awareness and willingness as a performer. That willingness and fearlessness to go whereever the character takes her is what makes her a brilliant artist and human being. As her biggest fan, I can't wait to see what she creates with her career and life."

Gino Montesinos



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